SnaxStop brings hard-to-find treats to Guelph

SnaxStop is not your average convenience store in Downtown Guelph. The new business is a go-to spot for exotic and rare food items not found in this country.

A quick walk around the store location at 49 Macdonell St. and residents will find unique items to try, like Dr. Pepper flavored cotton candy and lime flavored crushed soda.

SnaxStop was started in Abbotsford, BC by Rhadeep Dhaliwal, who has family members in Guelph who are helping to manage the store.

Jasleen Grewal is a cousin of Dhaliwal and works at the SnaxStop in Downtown Guelph. She said the store has been pretty busy since opening a month ago.

“They actually love it, because there are a lot of snacks you really can’t find in Canada,” Grewal said about the reaction from customers to their products.

A majority of the merchandise is imported from the United States, but the store also sells sweets from the United Kingdom and Japan, like Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans and cookies ‘n’ creme flavored Kit-Kats.

“Many people come in and they tell us they’ve been looking for this specific drink or snack for the past ten years, or months, and they find it here,” said Grewal, noting a lot of Americans come to SnaxStop, “it feels pretty good to know that we can give people what they want.”

To pair with the snacks, SnaxStop offers drinks in various flavors from different countries, including Mexican Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Pepsi. With so much variety, Grewal notes a former popular item in Canada remains a best-seller at the store: Dunkaroos.

“We have to replace them everyday,” she said.

With their downtown location, she adds many customers are stopping in on the weekend. The result has led her to meet a lot of new people in Guelph.

“They walk by and they see us and they come in,” said Grewal.

Along with residents, Grewal is also trying some of these items for the first time too. She said being able to provide recommendations helps build trust with the customers.

“When I came into the store, I had not seen many of the snacks myself, because we Canadians have all the basic stuff (snacks),” said Grewal.

SnaxStop is open from 12 pm to 9 pm on Sunday to Tuesday, and then 12 pm to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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