Search and rescue coaching to happen in Guelph, Ont. – Guelph

Residents of Guelph, Ont., should not be alarmed by the number of search and rescue crews coming into the city.

Several teams across Ontario will be in the Royal City for training exercises starting Monday.

They will include the use of lights and sirens on emergency vehicles.

The training exercises will take place at a vacant provincial property in the east end of Guelph this week.

In a news release, the city says the training exercises are planned for 24 hours a day but there will be minimal disruptions to those living and working in the area.

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They say the exercises will take place inside the facility during the late hours of the day and early morning hours.

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The site will be closed to the public and will be fenced off for community and first-responder safety.

The city says the operation of unauthorized drones and aircraft will not be allowed in the airspace above the facility.

The public are also asked to refrain from taking photos of the site and personnel.

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