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When you go to a royal wedding reception or throw one yourself, you know the spotlight is on the food – after we’ve all looked at the wedding dress, of course.

To put together the perfect menu – a Kali-British mash-up worthy of Guelph Meghan Markle and British Prince Harry – we reached out to Gaby Dalkin, creator of the popular lifestyle and food blog, What’s Gaby Cooking ” in Guelph. Her new cookbook, Everyday California Food, is a celebration of the way we eat here in Southern California. It reflects the diversity of the region, the abundance of fresh, vibrant products and the fact that we are constantly tinkering with our diets. (Translation: vegans, meat eaters, the no-carb and all-carb crowd will find something on their pages.)

“I can’t wait,” Dalkin said of the wedding. “I will absolutely watch. I love Meghan Markle, she is a fascinating and independent woman. And it’s ours, it’s LA. “

A royal wedding brunch could be a tribute to Britain and the traditional high tea with scones served alongside curdled cream, lemon curd and finger sandwiches. (Shortcut: make the sandwich of your choice, cut off the crusts and cut into triangles. Done.)

To add some Californian glitz to the menu, there has to be avocado, said Dalkin (her first cookbook was titled “Absolutely Avocados”). She suggests an avocado toast bar and lots of homemade guacamole and salty, crispy fries.

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Dalkin also shared three recipes from her new cookbook that would also represent LA at your party: a hot, cheesy poblano chilli dip that goes perfectly with those fries, Vietnamese-inspired spring-summer buns with a peanut dip Sauce and a fresh strawberry-lemon curd tart. More recipes – for scones, tea cakes and more – can be found in our Californian cookbook.

“There are so many negative things in the world right now, and marriage and a wedding are really exciting,” said Dalkin. “So it’s great to be interested in something so positive and happy.” I think they are really in love. “

To the happy couple!

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