Mayor to lift Ukrainian flag outdoors Guelph Metropolis Corridor in present of help

Guthrie said Ukrainian people need to see support not just from international bodies but also from a small city like Guelph

Guelph’s mayor plans on flying the Ukrainian flag outside city hall in support of the Ukrainian people.

The mayor took to Twitter Thursday in search of a Ukrainian flag.

“Raising their flag shows solidarity with an independent democracy that’s been invaded by another country. I stand with the Ukrainian people both in and outside of Guelph alongside the international community,” said Guthrie in an email.

On Thursday morning, Guthrie posted a tweet asking his followers if they have a Ukrainian flag that could be used to raise at city hall. He was in the process of picking it up shortly after. 

Does anyone have a #Ukrainian flag? I’d like to raise it at city hall in solidarity with the #Ukraine people.

— Mayor Cam Guthrie (@CamGuthrie) February 24, 2022

Guthrie’s move is, in part, a response to a call from Ottawa mayor Jim Watson for municipalities to show their support for the Ukraine in their ongoing conflict with Russia.

Watson posted a tweet early Thursday encouraging all mayors to raise the flag in their cities in solidarity with Ukraine.

Guthrie said the City of Guelph has raised flags or lowered them in the past to show support to countries and “people going through horrible acts such as terrorism” when asked about the city taking a political stance in an international conflict.

“The people of Ukraine need to see support not just from large international bodies such as the UN or other massive Countries, but yes, even the small city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada,” said Guthrie. 

“Recognizing this issue in this manner makes a statement that Guelph is for peace, not war which only leads to loss of life for both sides in such a conflict.

“I am sure that Russian Canadians locally and abroad would embrace a position for peace to prevail as well.”

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