Market app now in Guelph saves meals that’s ‘Too Good to Go’

Too Good to Go helped save 600,000 surprise bags of food across Canada since the app launched in July, 2021.

Too Good to Go, a marketplace app for selling surplus food, is now live in Guelph with more than 25 local businesses already saving food from going to waste.

The app launched in Canada a year ago and connects businesses that have leftover food at the end of the day with consumers who buy it in surprise bags for a third of the retail cost.

Country manager, Sam Kashani said there are “significant discounts for the customers” and the “businesses get to recoup extra costs, not throw out food and drive traffic to their stores.”

“More importantly, being a social impact company, we reduce food waste knowing how important that is and what an issue it is globally — that’s really our mission and vision, to imagine a world where all food produced is ultimately consumed,” Kashani said.

In the past year, Canadian businesses have earned $1.5 million by selling surplus food with Too Good to Go, and more than 600,000 surprise bags have been saved from 3,000 businesses, according to the company.

Kashani said he is “humbled” by this success. “Canadians have saved over $7 million using our platform,” he said and recommends everyone check out the app even for “just one meal.”

“It’s a collection of small actions that can result in big change,” Kashani said.

The Cornerstone is one restaurant in Guelph that is excited to be part of the Too Good to Go launch, as “it aligns perfectly with our guiding principles,” said co-owner Sydney Coles.

“We believe eliminating food waste is essential in making food more accessible and keeping our footprint on the planet as small as possible,” said Coles. Since they are closed two days a week, Coles said they often have a surplus of baked goods on Sunday evenings.

Joining Too Good to Go was also an “easy decision” for the Stone Store in Guelph. “It allows us to connect with new potential customers, earn some money on product that otherwise would have been a loss and best of all provides us with another avenue to reduce food waste,” said store manager Erin Copeland.

Both these local businesses make regular efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly practices and new ideas.

Kashani hopes eventually to “bring everybody on this mission,” and said for businesses it is “just super simple.”

“This is the solution on both the business and the consumer side to reduce waste,” he said.

Learn more and download the app from: Save Food — Help The Planet | Too good to go.

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