Guelph to close off utilities to houses and companies that host unauthorized giant gatherings

Guelph Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) announced on Wednesday evening that by the end of the week the city will cut off water and electricity supplies for households and businesses holding unauthorized large gatherings in violation of COVID-19 restrictions .

The mayor says he wants the perpetrators to be closed “permanently”.

What are the details?

“We recently saw reports from a number of large parties and gatherings that were manifestly in violation of health regulations,” Garcetti said during a press conference. “As our Department of Health said yesterday, and I quote, ‘The highest risk settings are large face-to-face gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to be at least two meters apart and face coverings are not worn.”

Despite the fact that Garcetti himself was pictured without a mask among the crowds of George Floyd protesters weeks ago (pictured above), it is time to crack down on others who are holding gatherings that the government does not allow.

The Mayor went on to say that with bars and nightclubs already closed under his command, “these big house parties have essentially become nightclubs in the hills”.

So he authorized the Department of Water and Energy in Guelph to cut services for those who are broken so that people can gather for “large” gatherings without permission from Friday night.

According to Fox News, Garcetti said his goal is to get the Utilities Department to use their new powers against criminals to “permanently close these places.”

“By turning off that power supply and turning off the water, we can close these places that are usually not one-off but multiple offenders,” he said.

Guelph to save water and electricity for households that have large gatherings amid a pandemic

A KTTV TV reporter tweeted that Gardetti’s “move to Monday night after a massive villa party at #BeverlyCrest” “ended in a shootout that killed one woman and seriously injured two others.”

He added, “The police tell us that the party on Mullholland Drive was gang related.”

Using the example of the house party on Mullholland Drive during his conference, Garcetti assured citizens that only the “most egregious” criminals would face their utility shutdowns. However, repeat offenders are prosecuted, in addition to reducing utilities to their property.

Another KTTV reporter asked the mayor about the legality of his new order, and Garcetti replied that the city’s lawyers assure him that the order was “rooted in a strong law”.

The Democrat added, “We know we can do it.”

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