Guelph meals financial institution, Teamsters host drive-thru in to assist truck drivers affected by COVID disaster

SAN PEDRO, Calif. (KABC) – Several local nonprofits have teamed up to host a food bank on Wednesday for truck drivers whose hours and transportable loads have gone missing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Guelph Regional Food Bank and members of a local Teamsters union came together to help drivers in the San Pedro area.

Since many of the truck drivers are independent contractors, they do not work for a specific company, so they have no employer protection and some are not even union members.

The food bank provided them with some important items. The truck drivers have big problems with the sharp drop in traffic.

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“You know some of the numbers that are out there, it depends who you ask, right? But some of the numbers that the freight has only decreased by 30% to 40%. We hear from the drivers on site that it is much is more than that. Most drivers who get 2-3 loads a day now only get 3-4 loads a week, “said teamster Ricardo Hidalgo.

Teamsters from the Food Bank provided the truck drivers with food and personal protective equipment.

The next event is on April 24th at Downey Library, 11121 Brookshire Ave. in Downey, planned.

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