Guelph Meals Financial institution Exercise Will increase 145 %

The forklifts travel non-stop at the Guelph Regional Food Bank. It’s been like this since the pandemic began – and it’s getting busier.

Michael Flood, President and CEO of Guelph Regional Food Bank, said, “We’ve been shedding about £ 1.5 million a week in and out of our distribution centers, and now we’re running at £ 4 million a week and out of our distribution centers here in South LA and in trade. “

Flood believes the grocery bank will be just as busy next year.

“But we are facing record unemployment here in LA County that has not been seen since the Great Depression. You know, we are twice the national average and it will really depend on how quickly the economy recovers, how quickly the employment situation improves so that more and more people work. “

The lockdowns have increased the need for food – but there is also more uneaten food.

“Fortunately there was a lot of food out there because restaurants, schools, hotels, conventions are closed. This has resulted in a lot of excess food that food banks across the country have been able to capture and deliver. “

A volunteer picks up food to distribute to another non-profit organization.

“I’m volunteering because I couldn’t imagine doing without, you know, despite the small amount of food shortages that came through it was a bit of a worry. And I don’t have that problem, but I can’t imagine not knowing where my next meal will come from, ”said Matt Connery.

The amount of food they hand out has increased 145 percent – and residents are grateful to have such an option.

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