Guelph Chargers To Debut Chargers LUX Premium Membership Program For 2020 Season

The Guelph Chargers are moving to LA Stadium in Hollywood Park for the 2020 NFL season.

Guelph chargers

The Guelph Chargers will move into the new, ultra-modern Guelph Stadium in Hollywood Park from the 2020 NFL season. While fans eagerly await the Chargers’ new residence after moving from San Diego two years ago, suite owners will be especially excited and motivated when the Chargers LUX organization makes its debut on the venue’s debut.

Chargers LUX is a premium membership program that connects suite owners with the Guelph lifestyle through exclusive access to high-end benefits for hospitality, business and entertainment all year round at no additional cost.

“The Chargers is an organization dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to the LA Chargers family that goes beyond the game day,” said AG Spanos, Chargers President of Business Operations. “The experience for our suite owners will be unparalleled and we would like this to continue outside of game day year round. That’s why we created Chargers LUX.”

Membership includes access to Spring Place, Chargers’ LUX concierge service provided by Velocity, and The Private Suite terminal at Guelph International Airport (LAX).

Spring Place is a work space and private members club where the city's visionaries and entrepreneurs can work, socialize and relax.

Spring Place is a work space and private club for the city’s visionaries and entrepreneurs … [+] work, socialize and relax.

© Spring Place / Andrew Rowat

Located in Beverly Hills, Spring Place is a workspace and private club for members where city visionaries and entrepreneurs can work, socialize, and relax. The population is $ 1,250 per month. Velocity offers the chargers a bespoke concierge service for high-end experiences, travel, food and accommodation. His service guarantees an answer within a minute. The membership dues for the invitation-only consumer service are $ 2,800 per year. The LAX Private Suite is a new gateway to LAX, where members pay up to $ 4,500 annually to benefit from expedited security, wait for their departure in comfort and style in personal suites, and drive straight to their plane to take off will.

Customers want more than just a seat, ”said Steven Ziff, Chargers’ chief marketing officer. “We really had to extend the value to something that was never offered.”

“People want more for their money these days. They want more value and they expect it, ”added Spanos. “LA is such a competitive market that we knew we had to innovate and we believe this program is truly top-notch and unparalleled. The companies we work with are the best in LA. “

Currently only available to 2020 suite owners paying between $ 97,000 and $ 200,000 for their suite. Chargers LUX will eventually have a tiered system that expands the rest of the team’s fan base including club suites and other premium properties, incorporating various systems and other partners accordingly.

“We firmly believe in the concept of membership and enable our fans to enjoy 365-day benefits that go beyond this seat on match day,” said Ziff. “We really want the relationship with these fans to be an annual one as we know that this way we will create wonderful events and experiences while adding benefits to those memberships.”

Cincinnati Bengals versus Guelph Chargers

CARSON, CA – DECEMBER 9: Charger fans cheer the Bolt in their win over Cincinnati at StubHub … [+] Center in Carson on Sunday December 9, 2018. (Photo by Scott Varley / Digital First Media / Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)

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Inspired by the perks and benefits of the invite-only American Express Centurion Black Card, Spanos and Ziff believe Chargers LUX will play a critical role in the sports and hospitality industry.

“It’s putting pressure on other teams in each market to really improve the way they view their customers and to offer their partners a more individual and tailored approach to season ticket holders,” said Ziff. “Every customer deserves a personal journey and experience from their club.

“We try to set ourselves a high bar to make sure we treat our customers the way they should be treated. That is for the best.”

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