Lengthy checklist of theft-related costs for Guelph man

Search found items previously stolen from construction site on man released on bail for similar alleged crimes

A Guelph man faces a long list of charges after he was arrested Wednesday on outstanding warrants.

Approximately 4:20 pm, police saw a man walking on Edinburgh Road North and knew him to be wanted for reported assault and theft. He was stopped and placed under arrest on the warrants.

A search incident to arrest revealed a folding knife in his waistband as well as a small amount of crystal methamphetamine and several tools. Investigation revealed the tools had been stolen from a south end construction site and that the male had attempted to sell some of them.

The man had been released on bail in June for several property crimes.

A 28-year-old Guelph man faces further charges of possessing stolen property, trafficking in stolen property, possessing a weapon, possessing a controlled substance, possessing break and enter instruments and breaching a release order. He was held for a bail hearing Thursday.

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