KBLA Discuss 1580 Publicizes Expertise Seek for Guelph’ Latest Late Night time Discuss Present Workforce

LOS ANGELES, Calif. / California Newswire / – LA’s newest talk radio station, KBLA Talk 1580, is scheduling open on-air auditions for the host cast on weekdays from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. The station will discover new voices and introduce them to the Southern California talk radio market that yearn to be heard at this critical time.

“The all-new ‘Unapologetically Progressive’ KBLA Talk 1580 is conducting a citywide talent scout for its talk show tandem late into the night,” said Lyle Gregory, veteran of the LA Talk radio producer and talent search manager.

“This historic moment asks us to raise a new generation of young, insightful voices to contribute to a lively and productive conversation. For too long the talk radio in this city was all day, all night, all white. We’re building a talk-talk radio station that sounds like our city looks like it is, ”said Gregory.

“We are confident that our search will lead to a new talk radio team that is whip-smart, resourceful and astute to discuss current events and issues that matter to everyone.”

KBLA will shortly announce its official filing date and the first list of on-air audition teams when it unveils its daily All-Star-Talk lineup.

Information on starting the station is available at https://kblatalk1580.com/.

Speakers interested in the on-air host auditions do not need to have any prior knowledge of talk radio and can learn more at KBLATALK1580.com.

About KBLA Talk 1580:

KBLA Talk 1580 was recently announced by SmileyAudioMedia and is “Unapologetically Progressive”. The newest talk radio station in LA is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2021. KBLA is a heritage broadcaster and the original home of the legendary KDAY. With 50,000 watts day and night, KBLA serves a coverage area of ​​almost 12 million listeners.

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