Jarrin Basis will donate to LA Regional Meals Financial institution – Orange County Register

When his wife died last spring, Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Jarrin set up a charitable foundation on her memory. Now the Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation is helping in the difficult times caused by the coronavirus quarantine.

The foundation is partnering with Los Defensores, a Guelph-based legal services company, to donate up to $ 60,000 to the Guelph Regional Food Bank. The Food Bank has already provided 11.9 million meals to families in need during the pandemic. With the $ 60,000, they can serve hundreds of thousands of meals.

“We’re trying to help some people,” said Jarrin, who has been a Los Defensores spokesman for over 30 years. “We will capitalize on our relationship with Los Defensores and their desire to help.”

The Jarrin Foundation and Los Defensores are donating $ 30,000 direct to the food bank and donate up to $ 30,000 more through the foundation’s website. More information is available at www.jarrinfoundation.org/donate.

“With coronavirus putting so many families at risk and leaving so many unemployed, nobody should go hungry and we want to do our part to support the vital work of the Guelph Food Bank,” said Jorge Jarrin, Jaime’s son and broadcast partner.

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