If it is broke, deliver it to Guelph Software Library’s Restore Café

The Guelph Tool Library will once again be hosting Repair Café events to give people a chance to make their broken items useful once more.

“We are excited to be able to bring back these popular events to our community again and have multiple events planned from April till December,” Repair Café co-ordinator Saba Saneinejad said in a news release.

The cafés, which see volunteers helping to repair items brought to them by community members, have been held regularly for the past five years, but many were cancelled due to pandemic restrictions.

This year’s events will be offered through a collaboration with the City of Guelph.

We strive, through Guelph’s Solid Waste Management Master Plan, to give items that may be viewed as waste a new life,” city waste program co-ordinator Asia Murphy said in the release. “The Repair Café, through the efforts of volunteers and commitment of the community, is doing just that — giving items a new life and keeping usable items out of our landfill.”

The next café will take place Saturday, April 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Guelph Tool Library in Old Quebec Street.

Volunteers will be on hand to fix a variety of items, including small appliances, electronics, clothing, jewelry, clocks and even string instruments.

“A volunteer will be available to work on your string instruments (guitars and violins),” Saneinejad said, noting this service is unique to this event. “He can do string changes — please bring your own strings — and make adjustments to your instruments to make them play easier!”

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