Guelph’s meals and music panorama profit as 10C and Silence get provincial funding

10C’s commercial community kitchen much closer to becoming a reality thanks to Trillium grant

A pair of organizations in Guelph got some much-welcome funding on Friday.

10C Shared Space on Carden Street received just under $120,000 for capital work for its commercial community kitchen and Silence, the music and art performance and practice space on Essex Street received $45,000 for recording, lighting and back-line music equipment.

Guelph MPP made the announcement Friday at 10C. The money comes through the province’s Ontario Trillium Foundation.

“This will move our kitchen up three to five years,” said Julia Grady, 10C’s Executive Director.

“It’s taken what was a long-term vision and brought it forward considerably,” she said. “It gives us a fantastic starting point.”

Grady said the capital work on the kitchen will be done this year and hopefully be completed in 2019.

It will be used for everything from cooking classes, non-profit groups and for providing food for events.

The $119,600 capital grant provides funding for key components, namely the kitchen’s exhaust hood and fire suppression system, as well as industrial grade kitchen equipment and dishwashing infrastructure. Other funding sources and investments will add necessary capital and operating components as the project moves forward.

Petra Nyendick, Executive Director of Silence, said the new equipment was definitely needed for Silence.

She said the new recording equipment will allow performers, many of who are new or emerging, to record their shows at the venue.

The new lighting and sound equipment and lighting will just enhance the quality of the experience there.

Sandals said that “through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, our government is able to support projects that make a difference in people’s lives and enrich our communities.”

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