Guelph police forecasting $850Ok working surplus for 2022

Operating budget spending is about 70.7 per cent of the full year, as of Sept. 30 – below the targeted 75 per cent

The Guelph Police Service is on pace to have some extra money at the end of the year.

According to an operating variance report going to the Guelph Police Services board meeting Thursday, it is forecasting its operating budget for 2022 will finish well in the green, to the tune of about $850,000.

The report said year-to-date spending is at around 70.7 per cent of the full-year budget, below the targeted 75 per cent.

Salaries and benefits, usually the biggest line item for day-to-day operations, is running under budget at 69.3 per cent. Permanent salaries make up the lion’s share of that, running about $12 million under what was approved for all of 2022 as of Sept. 30.

There is a $3.1 million surplus year-to-date for position vacancies, which can be attributed to full-time equivalents being “below the authorized strength throughout the first, second and third quarters.” The report said the service is under complimented by the equivalent of 9.4 workers, 8.4 of that being civilian workers (communications workers, human resources, crime analyst, any other job at the service other than a serving police officer).

On the other side of the ledger, banked and paid overtime hours are up by 4,023 straight time hours year-over-year, with only administration and call out operations seeing decreases.

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