Guelph Meals Financial institution reaches meals drive purpose of 90,000 lbs

But if you missed out on donating, non-perishable donations are still accepted at the Guelph Food Bank warehouse on Crimea Street, along with grocery stores and the fire hall

A massive haul of food for the Guelph Food Bank.

The food bank has announced it reached its Thanksgiving Food Drive goal of gathering 90,000 lbs of food.

It comes on the heels of a summer where it tried to keep its shelves filled with food, while seeing the amount of food going back out the door doing so at an above average pace.

“By the end of August this year the amount of food our organization had distributed throughout the community had increased by 63 per cent over the year prior,” the food bank said in a news release.

It’s also trying to keep up with an increase in demand, with a 47 per cent average increase in the number of unique clients served compared to last year.

Even after reaching the goal it did, the food bank is still taking non-perishable food donations at its warehouse at 100 Crimea St., along with grocery stores and the fire hall.

The food bank will also be taking donations as a part of the Guelph Santa Claus Parade on Nov. 20.

Volunteers will be back at Stone Road Mall Dec. 1 to 24, exchanging donations for gift wrapping.

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