Guelph household makes it onto Household Feud Canada

The Usitalo cousins were featured on season four, episode 43, which premiered Nov. 23

A local family put its wits to the test in a recent episode of Family Feud Canada and learned the real prize is spending time together.

The Usitalo family was featured on the Canadian game show last month as part of season four, episode 43. Consisting of five cousins, the Usitalos competed against the Kash family from Toronto. Despite losing in the end to the Kashes, one of the cousins, Jasie Usitalo, said it was awesome.

“We weren’t impressed with our loss, but it was a close game,” said Usitalo.

What inspired the Usitalo cousins to audition for the TV show was their grandparents, Elsie and George Usitalo, who had always wanted to see the kids on Family Feud Canada. In February 2022, George Usitalo passed away and the cousin’s decided to apply in March as a way to lift their grandmother’s spirits.

“She always talked about and was like, she always thought ‘Oh, wouldn’t it have been wonderful if you got on,’ but we always thought it was something that wouldn’t be possible,” said Usitalo, noting her grandma called them all ‘outgoing’ and ‘funny’

“But then my one cousin Hannah was like, ‘You know what? Let’s just apply and see if we can get on, it would brighten her spirits and she could see how the process is done and she can live through us.'”

Sending in an initial video, Usitalo said they didn’t think anything would happen until they got a callback. From there, she said there were multiple steps involved in applying for the show, including another audition video.

As part of their audition video, the cousins did a baseball skit where they shared a bit about themselves and a spoof of Family Feud Canada, where they answered questions as to why they would make great contestants.

“They (Family Feud Canada) thought it was really awesome,” said Usitalo, mentioning it took an hour to film.

In June, the cousins got the call they had made onto the show and recorded the over 20-minute episode in August in Toronto.

Usitalo describes being on the show as a ‘super fun experience.’

“It was exciting and we are all really competitive so it was thrilling,” said Usitalo, adding she had to focus on answering personal questions and switching to compete.

The Usitalo family waves towels in the air during Family Feud Canada. Submitted photo

Another unique aspect about the episode was the Usitalos competing against Canadian actress, Linda Kash. Kash is best known as the ‘Philly Cream Cheese Angel’ in commercials for Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

With Canadian comedian, Gerry Dee, as host of Family Feud Canada, Usitalo adds Dee was ‘very chill’ and fun to interact with.

“It was pretty natural banter going back and forth, when he made a joke, we would make a joke,” said Usitalo. “Because we were getting the first question right, we were getting a lot of air time.”

In terms of their grandmother, Usitalo said she now has a copy of the episode they were featured on for Family Feud Canada. 

“She PVRd it on her TV and she literally watches it like three times a day,” said Usitalo. 

“We were all super excited, and in the end we were excited for ourselves, because we were doing it for her and it ended up being a thing for us and it brought our family closer together too.”

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