Guelph firm getting $63Okay for meals sustainability mission

A project by Escarpment Laboratories is one of six getting money from the Canadian Food Innovation Network

A funding boost is on its way for Guelph-based Escarpment Laboratories.

The Canadian Food Innovation Network is investing $63,262 in Escarpment’s innovative fungal cultures advance domestic supply chains and food sustainability project, which aims at creating Canada’s first commercial tempeh and koji cultures.

“Canada’s plant-based market is accelerating,” the CFIN said in a news release. “However, popular fermented proteins like tempeh and koji rely upon imported starter cultures, with no domestic options available.

“Escarpment Labs is one of the few Canadian companies with the expertise needed to develop these innovative cultures and fill this domestic production gap.”

The funding is anticipated to create jobs, partnerships and nutritious products. It also looks to advance the country’s food sustainability and competitiveness.

“Escarpment Labs is thrilled to be supported by CFIN to produce Canada’s first commercial shelf-stable tempeh and koji starter cultures,” Richard Preiss, co-founder and lab director at Escarpment Labs said in a release.

“This will extend the work we have done in the brewing industry to the food industry and help support a robust Canadian fermentation economy.”

It’s one of six projects sharing in a $533,355 fund, through CFIN’s innovation booster program.

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