Guelph dealership helps Gerry Kowalsky rejoice 100th birthday

Gerry Kowalsky celebrated his 100th birthday on March 19. Olympic Honda in Guelph helped him celebrate the day before. Kowalsky, centre, is seen here with David Brewis, dealer principal of Olympic Honda, and John Carmichael, CEO of OMVIC.

  • Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie with Gerry Kowalsky who celebrated his 100th birthday.

Olympic Honda helped Gerry Kowalsky celebrate his 100th birthday with a birthday party on March 18 at the Guelph dealership where he works.

Kowalsky was born on March 19, 1922, in Cambridge (Preston). He signed up for the service corps in the Second World War when he was 19 years old. He has worked in the car business for over 65 years, getting a job in 1957 at a local Ford dealership on his 35th birthday and working there for 30 years.

• What’s kept Guelph’s Gerry Kowalsky selling cars for 63 years? ‘Integrity’

He then met Charles Brewis, owner of Olympic Honda and has been an essential part of the dealership family.

Gerry is a proud, long-standing member of OMVIC and a proud Canadian. He has continuously operated with integrity and honesty and has built many long-lasting relationships over his many years in business.

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