Group Builders Awards: Nathan Skoufis acknowledged for being a real mentor and position mannequin on and off the mat

Inspiring athlete and coach recognized for positive impact on local sports community

Nathan Skoufis is an accomplished athlete who has claimed world titles and represented Team Canada in martial arts.

But he is also a passionate community builder whose reach extends far beyond sports, inspiring his students to be their best both physically and mentally.

Nathan owns Guelph Family Martial Arts, where he connects with students of all ages and skills. 

That is why he is such a passionate advocate for tearing down barriers and making sports accessible for everyone.

His program teaches important life skills, such as focus, respect, discipline, courage and perseverance, that are critical to building strong bodies and minds in and outside of the studio.

Beyond his impact on local sports development, Nathan regularly supports, volunteers and raises funds for community organizations that are integral to the overall health and wellness of our community.

The Sports and Recreation Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the strength of a sport in the community, by way of inspiring people, establishing a program, mentoring a team or individual to extraordinary accomplishments, or setting an example for others to carry.

Congratulations, Nathan!

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