Greatest Guelph realtors to comply with on Instagram

Guelph has a treasure trove of beautiful architecture, and sometimes the people with the best views of these gems help buy, sell, and rent them. LA realtors have access to homes many of us will only dream of or marvel at on the street. Fortunately, some local agents are using Instagram to peek inside these show stoppers.

Some of the best Instagram brokers don’t just share their own listings. They also highlight other notable places to live. Sometimes they even reveal a seemingly random house that deserves a second look. For homebuyers, these accounts can serve as handy resources: Get an idea of ​​what’s on the market and the best that LA real estate has to offer. They can also be inspirational or ambitious.

Unique California property

Nate Cole’s Instagram is an endless stream of beautifully photographed, incredibly historic homes for sale (or soon to be sold), as well as beautiful historical and contemporary photographs of extraordinary architecture from Guelph and beyond. (His photos from a trip to Mexico in late 2019 were great for those looking to live vicariously.)

Dominique Madden

Madden specializes in “home renovation resale”. All of the houses she exhibits show a mix of older exteriors and fresh, new interiors – brightly colored kitchen cabinets, cellular tiles, and white walls. If you are looking for a freshly designed room – or one that is very trendy – this is one to follow.

Ilana Gafni

Gafni’s domain is historic and modernist homes, and this Instagram doesn’t disappoint. There’s a feeling, too, that Gafni wants you in her club of architectural admirers, whether it’s her helpful hashtagging of architects (because who doesn’t want to see more of Robert Stacy Judd or Robert Killingworth) or the way she takes photos, though she gets a privileged look at something most can only marvel at and marvel at, like her tour of High Tower Drive in Hollywood Heights.

Sarah Minka Jackson

Maybe it’s all the tropical patterns and plants that manage to get into the frame, but Sarah Minka Jackson’s lining has the best of millennial trademarks. If you’re looking for bright colors and boho inspiration, you’ve found it.

Take the sunset

Historic photos, current images of architects’ homes, and even the weird but significant town house: Rob Kallick’s feed offers an informative and engaging mix of content that discerning architecture lovers will enjoy. Kallick also runs his own Home of the Year competition on his Instagram. Last year’s winner? The absolutely amazing Wolff House by John Lautner.

GLB properties

Can’t afford a $ 3.1 million architectural pedigree? Almost nobody can! The Instagram for GLB Properties reminds us all that there are plenty of vintage apartment buildings – castles in Carthay, Spanish-Moorish complexes in Miracle Mile – whose paneling, moldings, and Sherbert-colored tiled bathrooms are just waiting for a discerning tenant to drop appreciates the finer things.

J Parker Stanton

LA is great, but part of its appeal is its proximity to other great places, including Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. Stanton highlights many cool LA homes, but also sheds some light on the desert, adding an extra layer of escape to the already dreamy act of looking at lofty homes online.

Historic LA property

The handle says it all: come here for classically cool, timeless homes, from Craftsman bungalows to Art Deco maisonettes to mid-century modern knockouts – and so many bathrooms with original, colorful tiles!

GimmeShelter LA

If Mid-Century Modern is your jam, you’ll find them in droves here. Posts and beams, glass walls and kidney-shaped pools abound. This aesthetic and this style permeate the houses highlighted here and are easy on the eyes.

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