FROSTY targets exceeded considerably – Guelph Information

The annual Friendly Royals Offering Stuff To Yuletide went far and above the previously set goals for the annual event




Each year, John F. Ross runs an amazing event called FROSTY (Friendly Royals Offering Stuff To Yuletide) to raise money for The Guelph Food Bank, Hope House, the John F. Ross Breakfast Program and the Humane Society.  

John F. Ross CVI students had set the bar high this year, as they had not experienced a true FROSTY fundraiser since 2019. Royals proudly smashed their goals and collected 410 hampers for The Guelph Food Bank, thousands of items for the John F. Ross Breakfast program and the Guelph Humane Society. They also surpassed their monetary goal by $4,000, raising a grand total of $9,000 for Hope House. 

Royals could not have achieved their goals without the help of the hundreds of Ross teachers and thousands of students all working together for an amazing common goal. They were also fortunate to have Al from Mike the Movers, who has been working with John F. Ross for many years, who helped load up all the donations. Mike the Movers graciously donated their truck, time and effort every year to help deliver all of the food hampers to the Guelph Food Bank. 

This event was spearheaded by Chantale Zongor and her Leadership class. Ms. Zongor said that she is tremendously proud of her class and school and that they could not have accomplished this without the four hard working students that chose this event as their culminating project. Clara Blenkinsop, Melinda Kroes, Charlotte Wilke and Zoha Majidy worked tirelessly to meet their targets and ensure that all Royals were able to get involved and learn the true meaning of the holidays.

The event culminated with an assembly including a talent show on the last day. John Collins from Hope House was there to accept a $9000.00 cheque. John F. Ross would like to thank all our community members for their support and would like to wish all a very happy holiday season.


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