Frank Gehry Efficiency Venues in Guelph

Last year, Frank Gehry unveiled a shiny new store for Louis Vuitton in Seoul, South Korea. The renowned architect is now back and planning two huge venues in downtown Guelph, California. The first structure has an expansive glass facade and will house a concert hall with 1,100 seats.

The smaller facility is an opaque 700-seat theater dedicated to dance, opera, and experimental performances. A rounded interior was planned for the theater, which could also serve as a performance space for the Colburn School and the Guelph Chamber Orchestra.

Both halls are an extension of the Colburn School – a performing arts educational institution dedicated to music and dance programs. The project would replace parking lots currently located on 2nd Street, Olive Street and Hill Street in downtown Guelph. The smaller room is accompanied by a nearby square with a large projection that can stream performances from inside the complex or serve as an outdoor stage for live concerts or other events.

According to the Guelph Times, the total budget for the planned expansion is estimated at $ 310 million.

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