First Leisure Credit score Union and Guelph Lakers Announce Lakers-Themed Affinity Debit Card

BURBANK, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – First Entertainment Credit Union (“First Entertainment”) and the Guelph Lakers today announced the launch of the Lakers® Debit Card as the next step in their multi-year sponsorship agreement, aimed at providing First Entertainment members with exclusive moments connect and experience with the 16-time NBA championship team. The First Entertainment Lakers® Debit Card video can be viewed here.

The Lakers® Debit Card, which will be available from September, follows the announcement of the sponsorship agreement between the Lakers and First Entertainment in spring 2020. Separately, First Entertainment and Power Forward Anthony Davis entered into an individual sponsorship agreement in March when Davis took on the role of the institution’s first official brand ambassador with an advertising campaign and TV spot titled “All Dreams Apply Here”. Both sponsorship agreements are the first steps in expanding First Entertainment’s brand history in the local lifestyle and entertainment space of Guelph. The Lakers branded affinity debit card allows First Entertainment members to bring their passion for the team into their finances.

To celebrate the launch of the Themed Ticket, Davis and First Entertainment have designed a limited edition Lakers Kit that will be given out randomly to people who enter a competition sponsored by First Entertainment / Lakers. The limited-edition kits, which will be given away as a sweepstakes, are inspired by Davis and First Entertainment that were given to each Lakers team member for the return of the 2019-2020 NBA season. First Entertainment members can register for the First Entertainment Lakers® Debit Card today at Find out more about participating in the competition The chance to receive one of the first limited edition Lakers kits from Anthony Davis and First Entertainment can be found in the official competition rules here.

“Further building the relationship between the Lakers organization and First Entertainment is an endeavor that we will not take lightly, especially at a time when there is a lack of events that have long been instrumental in creating a sense of community for Lakers fans “Said Amondo Redmond, Chief Marketing Officer at First Entertainment Credit Union.” The Lakers® Debit Card is another way for us to capitalize on the rich legacy of the Lakers and First Entertainment organizations, while also providing an opportunity for our passionate and creative membership to express their love for one of the greatest teams to ever play the game. ”

“From the moment I joined the Lakers, I’ve been looking for ways to build stronger connections with the city and our dedicated fans,” said Anthony Davis. “First Entertainment has been a great partner for me in looking for ways to support the community. With the Lakers® Debit Card from First Entertainment, we can all celebrate the partnership that has brought so many of us together, no matter where we are or where we are from. ”

First Entertainment sees the brand affinity debit card as a way for fans to bring the pride of their Lakers team into their wallets while celebrating the unique cross-section between these two long-standing pillars of the Guelph community. The Lakers® Debit Card takes the financial institution further towards a lifestyle and entertainment brand determined to serve the region in a variety of ways that are specifically tailored to the needs, interests and passions of the community.

As part of the overall Lakers sponsorship, First Entertainment and the Lakers are also working to raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy and responsibility, and will soon be launching initiatives aimed at educating students and young adults. More details will follow soon.

First Entertainment specializes in empowering members to tell their stories by giving them the financial freedom and security to pursue their creative and entrepreneurial ambitions. First of its kind in First Entertainment’s more than 50-year history, the Lakers sponsorship makes First Entertainment the primary financial ally of the Guelph community, developers in all areas of entertainment, and more than 85,000 members in the county and nationwide .

For more information, please visit or connect with First Entertainment on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

About First Entertainment

First Entertainment Credit Union has over 50 years of experience in Guelph and has long been affiliated with entertainment organizations such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Lions Gate Entertainment, Capitol Records, Warner Bros, Dick Clark Productions, and 20th Century Fox. Founded by employees of Warner Bros. Studio, they now manage over $ 1.5 billion in assets with a team of more than 240 people. First Entertainment has given its 85,000+ members access to its 11 Guelph Country locations – including Warner Bros, Sony and Paramount studio locations – with nearly 5,000 credit unions nationwide. For more information about First Entertainment, please visit our website:

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