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ArtMed offers a solution to permanently remove fat cells for the right candidates

Do you grow a beard to help mask a double chin?

Do you wear turtlenecks to minimize the appearance of your double chin?

Do you avoid profile photographs?

Have you lost weight only to find your double chin didn’t budget?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may want to know more about a simple injectable treatment that will permanently reduce double chin.

“Double chin” is a term that describes excess superficial fat in the area under the chin (submental fat). In humans, there is a superficial and deep fat layer under the chin. The superficial layer is most visible, and its size is largely determined by genetics and whether a person is carrying excess weight.

The number of fat cells in the double chin area is fixed at birth, and when we lose weight the amount of fat in each cell can be reduced but the total number of cells remains unchanged. It’s easy for these fat cells to fill up again with even a small weight gain.

Sometimes an individual can be at their ideal body weight and still have a double chin. Occasionally an individual may have a small mandible (jawbone) or underbite which emphasizes the appearance of a double chin.

Some people just find a double chin is aesthetically unappealing for them.

So, what is this treatment option?

Belkyra® (deoxycholic acid) was approved by Health Canada in 2015 for the treatment of submental fullness (double chin or excess superficial fat pad) in adults. Belkyra®:

  • is a naturally occurring acid in our bodies which is found in the gallbladder
  • is essential for the digestion of dietary fat
  • is entirely natural to humans
  • permanently removes the fat cells in the submental area
  • Treatment results in substantially fewer fat cells in the area so if you gain weight it would be much less in this area

What should you know about treatment with Belkyra®?

  • 2-5 treatments may be required depending on the extent of double chin
  • the enzyme is not inexpensive ($600-$1200 a treatment) but results are permanent
  • treatment is quick and the enzymatic acid gets to work immediately
  • there may be swelling in the area for a few weeks as the fat removal is in process
  • 3 weeks of swelling or fullness is expected (winter is a great time to do Belkyra treatment because turtlenecks do a nice job of masking the swelling)
  • time between treatments is a minimum of 2 months but spreading them out further is entirely acceptable and will not affect results
  • Belkyra® is the only medication approved by Health Canada for treating double chin


Are there contraindications or anything else to know?

  • a consultation with an aesthetic injection specialist is recommended
  • not everyone is a good candidate for treatment (people who have a low hyoid bone may not achieve optimal results)
  • older individuals may find that their skin is lax after fat is removed so follow up skin-tightening treatment may be indicated

Belkyra® is an elegant and natural treatment option for double chin. If double chin is troubling you, book a consult with a trusted aesthetic clinic to find out if Belkyra is right for you.

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