Dodgers: Ken Rosenthal, Specialists Focus on LA’s Free Company Desperation

The Dodgers have prevailed on all fronts so far this off-season. While there is reason to believe the club is in the commercial and free agent market, fans crave more than just right-handed Blake Treinen – and for good reason. The Dodgers have to move, don’t they?

However, the main question Ken Rosenthal, Mark Feinsand and Joel Sherman asked this morning on the MLB Network was, “How desperate are the Dodgers?” While the word “desperate” may be a bit of an exaggeration, the Dodgers’ front office must be a huge one right now Feel the pressure.

You are currently in talks with the Cleveland Indians about the shortstop Francisco Lindor and the starting mug Mike Clevinger, as well as talks with the Boston Red Sox about outfielder Mookie Betts and the starting mug David Price.

In the MLB Network segment, the New York Post hired Joel Sherman to speak about the Dodgers. This is what he had to say about the club’s “desperation” and positioning:

“It’s hard to name a team that I still think NL West will easily win ‘desperately’, but there is a fraction of where they have problems – they have so much youth in their rotation and some fragility with [Clayton] Kershaw. You will depend on Urias, Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin. I find that worrying. “

While the Dodgers have a very strong squad with the reigning NL MVP in Cody Bellinger and a star ace in Walker Buehler, there are question marks. The best way to resolve concerns is to bring up the top of the roster.

“I think they really wanted to try to get to the top of their squad. I also wonder – they were so ready to find a third baseman on this market – do you know something about Justin Turner’s physicality that we may all not know? Maybe get Justin Turner on first base. “

Justin Turner is aging quickly and his defense is dwindling. A move for a star third baseman – Nolan Arenado, Kris Bryant, etc. – would benefit the Dodgers immensely. Justin Turner was able to play first base under contract with the team in his last season.

“I’m surprised they haven’t done anything yet. I would be shocked if we showed up at spring training and they didn’t do Josh Hader, Francisco Lindor or Mike Clevinger or Mookie Betts or they didn’t do anything. You have the talent. “

Andrew Friedman is undoubtedly working hard to land some excellent assets in Guelph. He just hasn’t done it yet. The off-season is still young and there is no need to overreact at this point.

“The only thing I keep thinking about – Andrew Friedman famously said that if you apply free hand logic to any free agent, you will come in third. So far they still occupy third place. If they want to try to influence the top of their roster, they have to give up some of the parts they are clinging to, but it will affect the roster in a great way, and I believe they will. ”

They knew Stephen Strasburg would return to Washington, they made Gerrit Cole an extremely competitive offer, and Anthony Rendon’s camp told them he didn’t want the Guelph lifestyle. It’s not up to them. You are not fair to blame. Just wait and a piece will land.

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