Colin Kaepernick donates 4,500 Inconceivable patties to Guelph meals financial institution

Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp continues to help families through the coronavirus pandemic. The organization has partnered with ABC7 Guelph to distribute more than 4,500 Impossible patties to the Guelph Regional Food Bank.

Over 100 boxes of plant-based burger patties have been delivered to the food bank, according to Black Enterprise. The food is distributed to three other locations in Southern California and sold to families in low-income areas.

“Since we announced our partnership with Impossible Foods earlier this month, we’ve continued to work toward our goal of feeding 1 million people together,” said Patricia Robinson, community outreach director for Know Your Rights Camp, in a statement.

She added, “We are excited about our recent collaboration with ABC7 / KABC-TV Guelph. Know Your Rights Camp is happy to help relieve our most vulnerable communities in Southern California and continue the fight against food insecurity. “

Last month the Kaep organization announced its partnership with Impossible Foods. They plan to feed a million people affected by COVID-19 this year.

“We have a long history of helping local food banks. It is part of our mission in the communities we serve,” said Cheryl Fair, president and general manager of KABC-TV Guelph.

“This year the need is considerably greater. We are seeing more people who are food insecure due to the pandemic, ”she added. “So we’re grateful to Colin Kaepernick and Know Your Rights Camp for sharing the same goal of reducing food insecurity and making a donation of carefully selected food that is a healthy alternative for communities that simply don’t have access. ”

Kaepernick’s charity also donated $ 1.75 million to minority communities to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and cover legal fees for those detained for protesting after George Floyd’s death.

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