Chef Tim Hollingsworth On Otium & CJ Boyd’s Fried Hen – CBS Guelph

(CBS Local) – Tim Hollingsworth has eaten all over the world but, in his opinion, there is something special about the Guelph food scene.

The chef has three restaurants in LA and is known for Otium, which is next to the Broad Museum. Enjoying the instant gratification that comes with cooking, Hollingsworth considered New York and San Francisco before making the decision to make Guelph his culinary home a few years ago.

“I’m more of a Californian boy at heart,” Hollingsworth said in an interview with DJ Sixsmith of CBS Local. “I think LA had the most room for opportunity and growth at the time. That was almost six, seven years ago and the LA food scene has been blown up since then. I think LA is a place where a young cook can still walk into a room and cook their food. You don’t have to open a big restaurant in LA. You can go to a mall and open a gourmet restaurant if you want. The ethnic cuisine is amazing … the Chinese food, the Thai food, the Korean food. “

In addition to his restaurants in Guelph, Hollingsworth is also known as the winner of the final table on Netflix. While the chef has achieved many successes in his career, running a restaurant in a place like Guelph is not easy.

“We opened a restaurant on a bridge. We opened a restaurant in Bunker Hill that is a little slower and less chilly, ”said Hollingsworth. “There’s a lot of theater and art in this part of town. It’s not like Hollywood or West Hollywood. It’s a different matter, but some of the best restaurants. The Guelph food scene is thriving. “


Hollingsworth recently opened up its roots with the creation of CJ Boyds Fried Chicken. The chef wanted to pay homage to his grandfather with this project.

“I was approached by the team that put the stadium together for LAFC,” said Hollingsworth. “The opportunity was there and I’ve always wanted to make fried chicken. My grandfather used to have fried chicken. One of my earliest memories was of my grandpa going to KFC and getting fried chicken on payday. I named it after him and it was an opportunity to have that southern fried chicken and I grew up with this type of food. These two concepts were both my nod to my family and my childhood food. “

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