Building of first-ever bicycle alerts underway in Guelph

The first-ever bicycle signals are coming to Guelph as construction gets underway at two locations in the city.

The bicycle signals resemble the pedestrian crosswalk symbol, but instead of a person, a bicycle is shown to indicate a crossing time.

“We are installing bicycle signals at three signalized intersections this year where crossride pavement markings are currently in place,” said Paul Hutchison Supervisor of traffic engineering with the City of Guelph. “Crossrides are a shared crossing where separate space is provided for pedestrians and cyclists, including ladder markings for pedestrians and elephants feet markings for cyclists.

Crossride markings must be present at a signal in order for bicycle signals to be installed as separate space is required for each user.

The city said it is working with TM3 Inc. to install the first bicycle signal at the intersection of College Avenue West and Vanier Drive. The new bicycle signal infrastructure will be installed to operate in conjunction with the existing pedestrian signals.

Work began earlier this week, and is expected to take upwards of two weeks depending on weather.

“The cost of installing this infrastructure varies by location depending on the amount of equipment that is required at each intersection so it’s difficult to provide a standard costing,” said Hutchison. “We will also be installing bicycle signals at the intersections of Stone and Gordon and Woodlawn and Arrow by the end of this year for a total of three locations in 2022.”

Next week, construction on a second bicycle signal is slated to begin at the intersection of Woodlawn Road West and Arrow Road. Installation is also expected to take approximately two weeks.

Hutchison said other locations where we’ll be installing bicycle signals next year that are tied to other projects include Speedvale and Elmira, Speedvale and Imperial and Woodlawn and Dawson.

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