Artist beautifying home windows exterior Guelph Basic Hospital hopes her work brightens peoples’ days

Dorothy Amey paints on the windows outside the staff entrance of Guelph General Hospital in March 2022.

Guelph artist Dorothy Amey hopes her artwork adorning the windows outside Guelph General Hospital brings a smile to peoples’ faces and brightens their days.

From lifting spirits with her paint strokes on window panes across the city during the pandemic, to her latest piece at the hospital this past week, one of her favourite places to be is standing on a tall ladder using a window as her canvas.

Amey’s latest project outside hospital staff entrance features a blue and yellow painting of a woman kneeling down to smell a flower that a young child holds out to her. Her inspiration for the piece was drawn from a 2010 newspaper clipping from the Guelph Tribune.

“I always liked the image so I ripped it out and kept it,” Amey said of the newspaper clipping dated Tuesday, April 20, 2010 published to promote a Mother’s Day marketing feature.

Amey used the colours blue and yellow and wrote ‘I love Ukraine’, on the painting of the little girl’s bracelets in her artwork as a tribute to people experiencing war in Ukraine.

“All our hearts are going out to the people of Ukraine, and we’re sharing our sorrow with the people and what they’re going through. It’s upsetting,” said Amey, who added that she also incorporated the colours of the Ukraine flag into her artwork displayed outside her Guelph home as well.

She recently painted a Care Bear theme along the fence line, painting a peace sign in the colours of blue and yellow, the colours in the Ukrainian flag.

Amey, who has lived in Guelph with her husband for 60 years, said she loves creating art, especially on large-scale window displays. She started at a Guelph Zehrs location many years ago and hasn’t been able to put her brush down since.

She’s already received feedback to her work at the hospital from people who says it’s brightened their day, as well as a request for her to incorporate more diversity into her artwork. The feedback is something Amey said she certainly plans to keep in mind to be more inclusive and reflective of the community and her work.

As for what’s next for the artist, she said she’s not ready to retire her paint brush any time soon.

“I love it. My husband wants me to retire, but I love painting.”

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