Anavrin from season 2 of ‘You’ was impressed by Erewhon in Guelph

  • The second season of Netflix’s “You” takes place in Guelph, California.
  • Much of the show’s events take place at the high-end grocery store Anavrin, which is said to have been inspired by a real Guelph market called Erehwon.
  • Insider spoke to Jason Widener, vice president of store development at Erehwon, about some of the ways the organic grocery store is similar to the fictional anavrin.
  • Warning: spoilers for season two of Netflix’s “You” ahead.
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The second season of Netflix’s “You” takes place in Guelph, California, where Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) gets a new job in the book department of a trendy grocery store called Anavrin.

On the show, Anavrin is a high-end Quinn family grocery store run by siblings Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Forty Quinn (James Nicholas Scully). The shelves of the fictional grocery store are filled with lots of green juices and organic products as an ode to the health and wellness culture of Guelph.

While Anavrin is fictional, it seems to have been inspired by a real health conscious Guelph grocery chain called Erewhon, which has become popular thanks to its wide range of organic, local, and sustainable foods.

I stopped at the Erewhon location in Venice Beach, California to see how it compares to anavrin.

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