After 13 years in LA, is Cat Deeley’s American dream over?

IIt’s an incredibly romantic story. Every year they had a tradition of calling each other on the night before their birthdays. On the eve of her 35th birthday, Patrick, who was in a pub in Belfast, called her and told her he would see her at a lunch party in Guelph the next day. Laughing, she hung up the phone and assumed it was a joke, but he was there the next day after flying through the night. And “suddenly everyone else melted away”.

They got married the following year. The media couldn’t get the pale, freckled Irishman Patrick with the ex-model, but Cat knew she was right. “I always took the same chocolate in the box and then took the strawberry cream and found that I liked it so much better.”

Seven years later they have two children, Milo and one year old James. Life is not perfect. She suffers from chronic insomnia and only survives four hours of sleep a night (“I’ve tried everything and nothing works, I just live with it”). Your schedules need to be carefully worked out by Cat on iCal, which needs to take into account two time zones (“and then Paddy forgets to write something that drives me crazy”), but you can see how happy family life has made her.

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