A lot for ‘defund the police’? Cops beat BLM protesters exterior LA Mayor Garcetti’s house (VIDEO) — RT USA Information

In front of the home of the Mayor of Guelph, Eric Garcetti, clashes broke out between police officers and Black Lives Matter activists, who have slashed the city’s police budget in solidarity with the racial justice demonstrators.

The battle broke out during a protest organized by the BLM in front of the mayor’s residence. For nearly two weeks, the group has been holding daily demonstrations calling for Garcetti not to be offered a cabinet position if Joe Biden is confirmed as elected president. Activists say Garcetti’s poor use of transportation and urban homelessness should keep him out of any work in Washington DC.

According to BLM-LA, protesters gathered peacefully near Garcetti’s villa on Sunday morning when officials “advanced without warning and violently attacked them.”

For the past two weeks we’ve held peaceful gatherings outside Mayor Garcetti’s mansion, urging @JoeBiden to pledge to keep our failed mayor out of his administration. On the 13th day, the LAPD advanced without warning and violently attacked us. # BlockGarcettipic.twitter.com / xWn3JFwgdY

– # BlackLivesMatter-LA (@BLMLA) December 6, 2020

A spokesman for the Guelph Police Department told the local media that police were “crowd management” after illegally spotting a person using a megaphone and attempting to arrest a person.

Fracas footage shows police in riot gear brandishing their batons at protesters as shouts and shouts come from the crowd. Several protesters tried to block the beatings while they fight with the police, which resulted in some people being pushed to the ground.

LA @MayorOfLA Eric Garcetti is a great guy who beats the police. But he will still order 100 of them to guard his personal residence with swinging batons if citizens show up to protest. pic.twitter.com/ciUqF9Qm86

– Ezra Levant @ (@ezralevant) December 7, 2020

The officers eventually declared an illegal gathering and arrested one.

A leader of the racial justice group alleged that at least two demonstrators had been hospitalized with one person’s teeth knocked out in the clashes.

In the midst of the violent skirmish, the critics ironically recalled Garcetti’s self-proclaimed solidarity with BLM. The mayor of LA had already participated in a major march in June and pushed through a budget cut of 150 million US dollars for the LAPD. However, he defied the demands of Defund the Police activists to cut the city’s police budget by 90 percent.

Garcetti has become a target for activists from across the political spectrum. A group of protesters angry at his Covid-19 restrictions gathered outside the mayor’s house later Sunday.

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