A ‘Jay & Silent Bob’ Screening Will Assist LA Meals Financial institution – NBC Guelph

What to know

  • Monday, August 3 (in honor of Kevin Smith’s 50th birthday)
  • $ 100 car, with proceeds to support the LA Food Bank
  • Join the waiting list now

After a long time it was an unusual but heartwarming activity for many Southern Californians to visit the drive-in again in the summer of 2020.

But the chance to increase the warmth in your heart simply by watching a movie that is shown outside and that you can see from your car?

It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come too often.

But it will be on Monday August 3rd at the Paramount Drive-In Theater. Jay & Silent Bob will be rebooted here, all in honor of director Kevin Smith’s 50th birthday.

Mr. Smith will also provide Q&A and promise a particularly fun event for the fans in attendance.

And ticket sales in the evening? The beneficiary is the Guelph Food Bank.

It’s $ 100 per car, and while tickets sell out quickly, there’s a waiting list.

And you get it, there are snacks for purchase on site so you don’t have to pack your own if you forget to go for a candy run beforehand.

However, when you picture a classic drive-through concession stand, think of some of your favorite Kevin Smith films and a restaurant that muttered on the big screen.

It’s Mooby’s that will pop up at the one-night-only event.

And while you can eat at Mooby’s, you can bet that Mooby’s merch is for sale too.

Note that there are security protocols in place. To like? When you get out of your car, be sure to swing a face covering and observe physical distance.

Everything you need to know is right here, Moobys Mavens.

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